Minister & Elders

Our Minister

Rev. John Buchanan

I'm married to Sheridan and have two grown up children, Jane and Andrew. I have degrees from Newcastle University, Moore Theological College and Melbourne University. I have served as a school chaplain and have now returned to parish ministry. I enjoy reading fantasy, watching science fiction (when I have time) and spicy foods. I sail, but only in summer.

I am a Christian by compulsion, and evangelical by conviction and a Presbyterian by convenience.

God willing, I seek to make Jesus attractive and Christianity relevant both to the unsaved and God's people.

I am grateful that a Chinese congregation is now worshipping in the St Peter's building - they are as much an encouragement to me as perhaps I am to them. 

Together we just need to learn to make the most of our strategic position in the heart of North Sydney. 




0448 010 393